A young man begins to encounter a mysterious nightly visitor after his father commits suicide. During the dismantling of his fathers belongings amidst his personal papers, he discovers an old book beautifully bound filled with names hand written and crossed out

...including his fathers.

The visitor continues to appear while the young man and his mother attempt to piece together what is left of their lives. Until one cold night the young man is given an offer, a promise to which he would do anything for, to once again see his father alive. With the help of the book and the promise of his fathers return, the visitor leads the young man down a path filled with new and wondrous places. But, the visitor asks for only one favor in return, that the young man accept his offer before the end of the next full moon.

As people around him begin to mysteriously die in strange and horrific ways, The young man realizes that the names of all of the dead  had been written in the book including the name of the girl he loves.

Its a race against the unknown as he becomes a suspect in the growing murder spree. He must break the secrets of his fathers unnatural book and the identity of his nightly visitor before all of the names of the people he loves are gruesomely crossed out.