The first book begins with the departure of Oaran and Sicajes, the parents of the title character from their homeland. During the journey foreshadowing events and flashbacks bring an understanding of their decisions and of the history of their world. During the journey Dxaan is born and pivotal characters develop relationships that will mold the newborn’s life and the future of their world.

He spends his youth in a land strange to his parents. Filled with fearless curiosity he ventures out to the market place where he meets N’Tres, a member of the Inner Circle. These individuals, known as dragon keepers walk the land in the service of Zorid, the Dragonlord. After learning of the library beneath Dragon Keep and the secrets held there by the Zorid Dxaan unwillingly finds himself coerced onto a path he was born to walk. 

Dxaan ventures back with his parents to their homeland and the Eternal Forest where his maternal grandfather is gravely ill. Past enemies intercede and dxaans life is changed forever via a series of events that force him into manhood. Having no developed connection with the people of the forest he ventures out alone, searches the land for his mother and more over the answers that would justify his life.

Assisted by past associations and endearing new ones this boy must now prove himself, to the world of Lons Gladin and ultimately to himself.

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