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     I was born in the lower east side of Manhattan in 56. My Puerto Rican parents moved around a few more years than moved to the country. Back then eastern Long Island was the country. We lived on a dirt road with several other families surrounded by woodlands still inhabited with wildlife. Soon progress came along and industry killed the magic of the woodlands.

For the next 25 years or so I attended school, some college, tried marriage and failed. I eventually found love and have been blessed ever since.

I began writing short stories for college and found I enjoyed the idea of seeing my imagination on paper. My big push came in 96-97, while living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when I went from a standard electric typewriter to a PC. Seeing paragraphs at a single glance helped my thought processes. I took one of my ideas for a short story and eventually expanded into the manuscript you have before you.

In 2004 we moved to Ruskin, just south of Tampa in Florida. A very small town that I believe had been known as the tomato capital. They still have festivals.

Later that year, I was fortunate enough to meet my muse. Then in 2009 aided by ‘past associations and endearing new ones’ finally completed my first book.